Winter has arrived in earnest, and a good deal earlier than usual, too. The good news is I don’t find cold nearly as off-putting as I used to. My windproof insulated breeches plus my leather chinks provide a pretty impenetrable suit of armor for my lower body, and I have insulated boots and insulated gloves… Read more »

Bits and Swirling Ropes

We’ve had lots of sun lately and some good long sessions at the barn. On Thursday Brian(!) caught Sham with little difficulty and we took him indoors. But Sham is still antsy inside and I took over with the handling again. We managed to groom him and tack him and then we went outside, where… Read more »

This is November?

Today found Brian and me at one of the oddest stores in town. Buying grain. To haul to the barn. Luckily this was possible, since all our tack is no longer in my trunk, but rather in a tack locker. The weather has been gloriously, unseasonably warm the last few days. We found Steen and… Read more »

What A Day

Today was fall vet day. I’d planned to get Steen’s teeth done, as it’s been a year. I hadn’t been out to the barn since Wednesday, and Brian and I decided to go early so we could get a little ride in before the chaos started. Well, we’ll just say sometimes things don’t go as… Read more »

Best Yet

On Wednesday I went to the barn in the morning. I was a little tired. It was a little cold and a little muddy. I went and got Steen from the pasture, groomed him and briefly considered going without saddle and just doing an indoor bareback easy day. But I rallied, thought about how sick… Read more »

Getting There

Today I think all of Steen’s swelling was finally gone. His back legs look good (other than the huge scabs) and his right front knee is back to its normal size. He seems pretty content back out in the large pasture, even though the grass appears to have stopped growing for the winter. I’ve decided… Read more »


Today I arrived at the barn and did something I hadn’t done for a while. Instead of going to Steen’s stall, I went out to the mud-lot. There I found Steen, rather dirty but seeming quite at home. As soon as he saw me, he left the hay he was eating and came straight to… Read more »

Packin’ it On

I have only been making it out the barn every few days lately, partly because I have wanted to let Steen adjust to his new lifestyle without demanding too much of him and partly because I’ve just been busy. Brian and I went out on Friday, and Steen was already starting to look a little… Read more »


Yesterday I had another new experience. I walked into the barn and found Steen hanging out in a stall. Since there are more horses that need to be stalled than there are stalls for them at our stable currently, Steen is on a night-out, day-in schedule, using a day-out horse’s stall until Sunday, when that… Read more »

Fatten Up and Go Faster

As Brian mentioned in the last the last two posts, we’ve been going out to the barn a lot lately. We have been particularly motivated for two reasons. One is that, as I mentioned in previous posts, Steen is apparently not the kind of horse that will get fat on a pasture diet. I knew… Read more »