Spurs on Steen

We had more storms today, so were stuck inside again. We brought Bear and Steen in, thinking we’d have a nice, relaxing ride. But these storms have been cool, and the horses get pretty tense in this kind of weather. Both of them were a tad ansty while we were getting them ready. I have… Read more »

Chilly and Chill

In spite of some issues with motivation, we made it to the barn after work today. The weather has been consistently cruddy and everything is all over mud again. Steen was in a funny mood today. He was about as quiet as he gets. There were even times I found myself wishing he would respond… Read more »

New Lessons

Lately I’ve been in one of those places with Bear where things feel like they’ve drastically improved.  I am still surprised by these feelings, but I love that they keep coming every couple of months. The big changes I’ve noticed are in how he listens to my seat.  The hopping into the lope problem has… Read more »

Searching for Center

Steen’s basics have been so solid lately I’ve been having to push myself a bit to be equal to the task of teaching him more. It’s one thing to have a good seat and to guide a horse through the basic maneuvers most people expect a horse to do. It’s something else to keep yourself… Read more »

Ride Medley

We’ve had a busy start to August and I’ve gotten behind on the blogging. So I’m going to do a quick catch-up post. August 2 – Thursday I rode Laredo. We didn’t have a great ride. It was one of those days where nothing was bad, exactly, but nothing was great either. We did all… Read more »

A Friday Ride

This week I’m finally starting to feel caught up with work. We’ve been making a few adjustments to the way we are running my business, including that Brian is now going to handle all billing and invoicing, plus some of the correspondence with potential new clients. This only amounts to a few hours of work… Read more »