cut leg

What A Year

Sometimes it seems the years go so fast. But at other times you look back on what’s changed in 365 days and it blows your mind. Today is my birthday. (I’m thirtysomething.) Last year on this day Brain gave me a hackamore. It was the first hackamore either of us had ever owned. It took… Read more »

Some Steen Time

This leg injury has had so many complications I’m hesitant to say it is healing for fear of bringing some change for the worse down upon us. But I’m going to say it anyway. Steen is getting better. The end is finally in sight. The large swollen ridge below the cut has started to go… Read more »

Vet Visit #3

Although I am by no means an expert in managing leg wounds, it has seemed to me the last five days or so Steen’s wound has not been healing. It hasn’t been getting any worse, but it hasn’t been getting visibly better either. On Monday temps swung upwards and we’ve had unseasonable warmth. I also noticed increased… Read more »

Catchup: Steen

We’ve fallen a bit off the blogging habit lately. It’s been one of those stretches where everything seems to be going wrong at every opportunity, and every time we have had to make a choice in response to things going wrong, we’ve chosen poorly. It’s been very stressful trying to juggle work and getting out… Read more »

Still Not Better

I wish I could say I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been riding. Such is not the case. I haven’t been blogging because Steen’s injury just isn’t making progress and it seems depressing to post negative updates all the time. The antibiotics and bute seemed to help a lot for a few days, and I… Read more »

Back in the Side Pen

On Sunday when we put Bear back in the pasture, I noticed Steen was favoring his wounded leg for the first time since the day of the injury. This didn’t make me happy, but I told myself he could have just tweaked the scab or something. In the last two days, however, things have gone… Read more »

On the Mend

This morning I went out to rescue Steen from the sun before it could do any damage to his new skin. It was a cool morning, but not cold. I went into the pasture armed with two feed pans and a halter. I reached Laredo first, and gave him his snack. Then I continued down… Read more »

Hanging In There

Today Steen’s new fly sheet arrived just before Brian got home from work at 2:00. So we pretty much headed straight out to the barn. We found Steen more mobile than I expected, and kinda nervous and restless. He nickered when he saw us. We hosed his burns off, put more thuja-zinc on, and brought… Read more »

High Tensile Wire, We Meet Again

I’m afraid this post is going to be long and dramatic. Today was a very bad day for me and Steen. And since I keep this blog to record everything we go through with our horses, I’m going to go ahead and tell the whole story. Just to preface this: we are all ok. Steen… Read more »