fast trot

Hot and Bothered

With the lull we’ve had in our riding, I’m trying to maintain a pretty relaxed attitude as both Steen and I get back into the swing of things. Today it was in the 70’s, and the ground was mushy and the wind was blowing. I wanted to ride my horse but I didn’t want to… Read more »

A Hard Ride

In the interest of furthering our new goal to broaden our horizons, on Wednesday afternoon Brian and I headed for the second strip. We have high hopes of getting some excellent riding in over there in the next weeks. It is huge, much wider than the strip we normally ride on and has the benefit… Read more »

Easily Swayed

Cathi (who owns our barn) has mentioned a few times this particular type of pad that she got and loooves and highly, highly recommends. But I must admit that I am not the sort of person who has a very easy time lending much weight to other people’s opinions of things they have purchased. I… Read more »

Another Try

Today Brian and I headed to the barn armed with yet another saddle: This is a Cashel trail saddle. It’s build on an axis tree that has a reputation for leaving a horse free at the shoulders and fitting a pretty wide variety of backs. Plus it’s just a pretty saddle. 🙂 It was a… Read more »


Today, Brian, Steen and I all had new experiences. For Brian and I, it was a shared experience. We went to Catalpa Corner to watch the eventing. We had never been to a true eventing competition, so we found it very interesting. At first, we just walked around, staring at all the tall, athletic horses… Read more »