A Navicular Diagnosis

When I started Piper in early 2015, she was sound. However, as we moved past the first few rides and got going a little, at times I felt she was a little off at the trot. It was always really hard to pin down, or even be sure of. Some days it was maybe, maybe… Read more »

The Phantom Itch

I was hoping to start 2016 with a clean slate, leave all the hiccups of last year in the dust, and get back into a better pattern with the horses. Unfortunately, that’s not quite how things have gone. Right before we left for our holiday travels, Steen came up itchy. And I mean really, really,… Read more »

Foxtails and an Abscess

It seems to be a pattern that we end up calling the vet shortly after getting a new horse. This time around is turned out to be no exception. As we mentioned, Aiden was a little off on the right hind when farrier saw him on Wednesday. We checked in with him on Thursday and… Read more »

Long Weekend

Robin has some better summaries here and here.  I don’t really feel up to writing about all of it.  We are pretty excited to have our new horse, but that first day was really packed.  I was excited Robin had a great ride on her. Unfortunately, Bear was not doing so great for our ride. … Read more »