Still on Steen

Finally we’re having some great weather this spring.  We had temps in the 60s, a light north wind, and some nice, fluffy, white clouds. But we rode inside anyways.  Since we didn’t ride a ton this winter I don’t feel like I’m in a super hurry to get outside.  Feeling comfy in the saddle with… Read more »

New Saddle!

I was out of town the last two days for work, and it was a little tiring.  After I got home I lounged in the recliner wondering what I should do with my afternoon when the UPS guy came up to the door with a huge box in his arms.  My new Bear Trap Rancher… Read more »

It’s Been Awhile

A few weeks ago I had another fall off Bear (which Robin wrote about here). It was by far my hardest fall yet. It left my left shoulder, hips, and ribs feeling pretty bad. Bad enough that I haven’t felt up to getting back out there for some riding, or for doing anything much more… Read more »

Moving Faster

If anyone has actually been reading this blog these past few weeks they must be thinking how boring these rides have been. Walking around cones. Walking along the strip. Walking up and down hills. Is walking all those two do? And I’ll admit, it hasn’t been super exciting. But I’ve had some annoying foot issues,… Read more »