The Game Continues

And on Tuesday Sham scored his first point. We were 45 minutes into a rather frustrating round of the game when things started to look better. I could see he was fatigued, and from a dozen feet off he put his head down and calmly walked right towards me. I let him sniff around me… Read more »

The Game

On a sunny, windy day, I trudged out to the pasture in muck boots, rope halter in hand. Robin graciously hung out in the airlock and watched as I picked my way to Sham in the far corner of the pasture. He was nibbling at the first real grass blades coming up. As I hoped,… Read more »


Sham is a big, strong guy who is used to a firm hand. And over the past week I have been trying to be that firm hand. The problem is, I don’t send very strong signals (I’m used to working with Steen and Cal, who really don’t respond to a firm hand). Thankfully Sham is… Read more »

Mr. Friendly

When I visited Sham over the weekend he eagerly came to me both days. I took this as a very good sign. I have not gone to see him this week as I’ve been busy preparing for a ski race, but Robin was out there today. When she went to get Steen, who lives in… Read more »