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If anyone has actually been reading this blog these past few weeks they must be thinking how boring these rides have been. Walking around cones. Walking along the strip. Walking up and down hills. Is walking all those two do?

And I’ll admit, it hasn’t been super exciting. But I’ve had some annoying foot issues, and taking it slow has allowed Bear to slowly build up his back muscles. Today he was paying lots of attention to me, and I think he was almost a little bored. So I decided to try a little trotting again. We started by trotting back and forth between a few cones, and right away I could tell a big difference. His trot was still big and lofty, but nowhere close to how erratic it was a month ago.

We moved to trotting in big circles for awhile and he really relaxed into it. It was nice to see him enjoying himself and getting more and more comfortable. We only kept this up for about 15 minutes, but each minute got smoother and easier. So I’m looking forward to putting longer sessions into the trot. It should be good for both of us.

Robin had a nice bareback ride on Steen, too. He was in his normal, goofy mood. The two guys were in opposite ends of the pasture. Steen, of course, was right at the gate. Robin let him into the airlock and he proceeded to follow me all the way down to the other end when I went after Bear.

The ever curious Steen had to see what I was up to.

In the beginning of the ride he continued to act a little goofy as he would intermittently drift off to sleep and then startle himself awake. Eventually he settled down and gave Robin their very first outdoor bareback lope. It looked really good, too.

Bear continues to look good as well. Robin put together a nice shot of his two month progression. It is really rewarding to watch your horse get healthier and more fit. It helps that he likes me more and more, too.

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