I Won’t Stand For It

That is what Bear told me when we tried to ride in a new location yesterday. A big, noisy, fertilizing machine was driving through the soybean field rendering that a useless riding space for the time being and making the strip a less attractive place to be on a horse. So Robin and I decided… Read more »

Easy Sunday

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to mention the weather again. This fall has been exceptionally sunny and dry. Sunday was in the 80s, and there was almost no wind. It was actually too warm. I like a nice day as much as the next guy, but in October I’d… Read more »

The Good Seat

That’s what I had today. Of course, Bear didn’t bolt or buck or run off or do anything quite like that. But he wasn’t on his best behavior, either. He’d often express his desire to go in a direction different than the one I picked, his starts and stops were slightly unpredictable, and he would… Read more »

Bareback Outside

After a few cold nights and cool days we have moved on to some rather surprisingly warm fall weather. Today was close to 80, though it is amazing how different such temps feel in October than they do in July or August. They’re never bad in the summer, but they do pack a whole lot… Read more »

Grazing and Grooming

And a little riding afterwards, too. When Robin and I pulled Bear and Steen out of the pasture both the guys were quite ravenous. Saturday had been a chilly and wet day, plus the grasses just aren’t coming up like they do in the middle of the summer. Despite it being a Sunny Sunday afternoon… Read more »

More Bareback

Work has been exceptionally busy lately, and I came home with a tingle in my throat and a small desire to put my feet up and read a book. After a brief snack, a cup of tea, and a chat with Robin, I changed clothes (into my brand new pair of real riding jeans!) and… Read more »

Consistancy and Improvement

Years ago I remember reading an article about training for cycling in which an exercise physiologist said that a person is always gaining or losing fitness, they are never static. The reality, of course, is that a person can maintain a certain level of fitness for a little while. But it really is only just… Read more »

Lessons on the Strip

After yesterday’s successful ride where Robin coached me through a few simple exercises, we decided to do more of the same. It was an even cooler and wetter day, and Bear was even further out in the pasture than he usually is. Everything else, though, was great. Once inside, Bear was great with his feet.… Read more »