What Horse is This?

Today Bear came to me.  It is definitely a milestone, but there is still more to work on.  He was not very far away, and he wasn’t eating.  He was also potentially bothered by the flies.  Nevertheless, when I was walking up he saw me, and when I got to the gate he was already… Read more »

Back Inside

I can’t even remember when our last indoor ride was.  I know we had a brief indoor ride just before one of the ferrier visits, but I think that was back in the early summer. This is definitely a good thing.  I enjoy the fact that we have an indoor arena, but I also like… Read more »

Birthday Ride

Today Robin turned 30.  I had to work for a little bit, but for the most part we had a long day of celebrating.  The afternoon was beautiful and we headed out to the barn to see the guys. The exciting event of the ride was Robin trying out the new hackamore set up I… Read more »

How Soft Can We Get?

Both rides this weekend I really focused on the same stuff I’ve been blogging about the last few times, and it all amounts to softness.  Both Bear and I have gotten better about this.  He responds quicker, and I’ve been able to continually ask for things with less pressure.  Or with more patience.  Or both. … Read more »

Big Hills and Soft Feels

We received a couple of the photos from our friend Jean.  They are definitely nice, but I somehow didn’t think they would look so much like horse glamour shots. Maybe it is just that I haven’t had a professional style shoot in many, many years. We do look pretty sharp in them.  It is extra… Read more »

Back on Jak

Robin and I spent the last few days visiting her family in Arizona.  We had wonderful weather and lots of relaxing family time.  We also got to spend some time with the horses.  For three days I got to ride my sister-in-law’s horse Jak.  He is a spunky little Appaloosa with a lot of character. … Read more »