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Still Some Soreness

It was really great to hang out with Bear again after my Laredo ride yesterday.  It is amazing how comfortable the two of us are with one another.  I just know what he’s going to do and how he is going to move.  Maybe not in every single situation, but for the most part, we… Read more »

Back to Work

I was pretty happy with my start to the year, but then things kind of fell apart.  A little loss of motivation, some crappy weather, and of course, we found Elsa.  She ended up taking quite a bit of time.  Not time I’m sorry about, we had some wonderful long walks and runs.  I really… Read more »

Back Indoors

This has been an exceptionally cold and wet spring.  Today we were planning on braving the chill and riding outside, but since the barn was completely empty, we wimped out and stayed in.  It was plenty comfortable as the last couple rides were outside.  And the new magnesium stuff in the sand is keeping things… Read more »