Going Slow

When we first arrived at the barn we had to visit baby Whisper again.  I snapped quite a few photos while Robin got in the pen and gave the little guy a bunch of pets.  I’m sure many of our rides will start out this way. He is curious about so many things, including the… Read more »

Practicing the Lope

Bear continues to defer to me in almost every way.  It is wonderful.  After almost a week of really solid work he has not given me a hard time at all. So today we kept doing what we’ve been doing out on the strip.  He was quiet and a little lethargic in the beginning.  I… Read more »

A Sunday Lope

Robin and I had a late Saturday night at a friend’s birthday that then made for a late and lazy Sunday morning.  While putzing around the house and doing some chores, the barn kind of slipped out of our minds, but we rallied for a late afternoon ride. We are glad we did, because it… Read more »

Sweet Sixteen

Today was Bear’s sixteenth birthday, and I’m happy to report he doesn’t look or act that old.  We started the day off by giving them both a little chopped hay.  The pasture they’ve been hanging out in for a week or so is a little thin, so we decided to supplement their diets a bit. … Read more »

Back Indoors

This has been an exceptionally cold and wet spring.  Today we were planning on braving the chill and riding outside, but since the barn was completely empty, we wimped out and stayed in.  It was plenty comfortable as the last couple rides were outside.  And the new magnesium stuff in the sand is keeping things… Read more »

A Long Visitor Report

Friday was one of those awful spring days, wet, windy, and quite cold.  So we skipped our usual Friday-at-the-barn routine.  Plus we knew my sister Christina was coming to visit this weekend and we were going to spend plenty of time at the barn the next couple of days. Saturday the weather was not much… Read more »

Best Lesson Yet

After Robin’s very encouraging rides this week, I went back to riding Bear.  It felt great to be on my own horse again.  It even felt good to pick his feet.  I’m still a new enough horse person that I do not expect such drastic differences between them.  But they are everywhere, even in their… Read more »