End of a Long Weekend

This morning we got out to the barn for the third morning in a row.  Again it was warm, but thankfully breezier than the past few days, so it felt a little bit more comfortable.  But still, I think I was tired from the long weekend, and it wasn’t the best day for me out… Read more »

Grazing and Grooming

And a little riding afterwards, too. When Robin and I pulled Bear and Steen out of the pasture both the guys were quite ravenous. Saturday had been a chilly and wet day, plus the grasses just aren’t coming up like they do in the middle of the summer. Despite it being a Sunny Sunday afternoon… Read more »

On the Strip

He’s still got the leopard print fly-mask. At least he really likes it when I put it on him. It is only September 3rd, but it is already feeling like fall is here. Today was windy, cloudy, and quite cool. This is fine by me, as fall is probably my favorite season. And it is… Read more »

Meet the Bear

About four months ago I had to send my first horse, Sham, back to the guys we bought him from. He wasn’t working out, mostly from a behavioral standpoint. He had a bit of a dangerous side. I was grateful that the guys took him back. They said they could find a horse that would… Read more »