The One Where I Fall Without Falling

I’m by no means to the point that I’m anywhere near running out of new experiences to have with horses. Nevertheless, it’s not that often now that I encounter a scenario entirely beyond my experience. But today I had one, and I hope it’s the only one of its kind I’ll have for a good… Read more »

June Recap

Well, so June happened. So far this summer, we’ve been riding a lot. In May my total was over 28 hours. I’ve never ridden that much in a month before. At least, not since I’ve been keeping track. And honestly probably not since before I was keeping track, either. June has been not quite as… Read more »

It’s Been Awhile

A few weeks ago I had another fall off Bear (which Robin wrote about here). It was by far my hardest fall yet. It left my left shoulder, hips, and ribs feeling pretty bad. Bad enough that I haven’t felt up to getting back out there for some riding, or for doing anything much more… Read more »

Halloween Spook

This morning we headed to the barn in high hopes for a good ride. The sun was out. The day was fairly still.  It seemed luck was on our side. That is, until we got to the barn. When we pulled up we saw the herd of cattle on the strip, but decided this wasn’t… Read more »