Friday at the barn

Standing Around

I guess it was a long week for me, because I was tired again this afternoon.  But it was a beautiful day, and I couldn’t not go to the barn.  Bear was in good spirits and just generally happy to be hanging out with me.  We actually did a lot of standing while we watched… Read more »

A Baby!

But not for us.  We’re not quite ready for a horse baby or a human baby.  Our barn owner’s recently acquired mare delivered little Whisper sometime last night.  Everything appeared to go well for both of them. The mom is known for throwing lots of colored babies, and this guy is a really interesting color. … Read more »

Best Lesson Yet

After Robin’s very encouraging rides this week, I went back to riding Bear.  It felt great to be on my own horse again.  It even felt good to pick his feet.  I’m still a new enough horse person that I do not expect such drastic differences between them.  But they are everywhere, even in their… Read more »

Bear Back

After work, Robin and I headed out for quiet, Friday afternoon at the barn. But there were more people there than we expected. Usually we have the place to ourselves on Friday afternoons/evenings. Thankfully we slotted ourselves in between people leaving and arriving, so we weren’t all trying to do the same thing at once.… Read more »

On the Strip

He’s still got the leopard print fly-mask. At least he really likes it when I put it on him. It is only September 3rd, but it is already feeling like fall is here. Today was windy, cloudy, and quite cool. This is fine by me, as fall is probably my favorite season. And it is… Read more »