side shot

And More Running

Today it was my turn to ride Laredo, and after Robin’s highly successful loping, I figured we would do the same. The ride started out pretty good, with the only problem coming from me and my boots.  My good riding boots are at the cobbler’s getting new heels (I knocked the rubber off one doing… Read more »

Happy to Be Home

Vacations are wonderful things, but I am always thrilled to come home again.  I suppose that is a good thing. It is also interesting to ride other horses and then get back to the one you are most familiar with.  I haven’t even had Bear a year yet, but he is by far the horse… Read more »

Moving Faster

If anyone has actually been reading this blog these past few weeks they must be thinking how boring these rides have been. Walking around cones. Walking along the strip. Walking up and down hills. Is walking all those two do? And I’ll admit, it hasn’t been super exciting. But I’ve had some annoying foot issues,… Read more »

More Bareback

Work has been exceptionally busy lately, and I came home with a tingle in my throat and a small desire to put my feet up and read a book. After a brief snack, a cup of tea, and a chat with Robin, I changed clothes (into my brand new pair of real riding jeans!) and… Read more »