Borrowing Lightfoot

When my sister and I lived in the same state, we rode together a lot. And even since I moved to Iowa and got Steen, she’s played a roll in my relationship with him. She visited shortly after I got Steen in 2008 and witnessed the one and only time Steen has ever thrown me. She then… Read more »

Arizona Horses

We went to AZ for Thanksgiving, and of course spent some time with the horses there. My sister has been riding more lately, and we were hoping to take Jak and Jo out on the trails. Unfortunately Jak seemed off to me the first day I tried to ride, so I rode for about five… Read more »

Horse Hopping

Although my mom and my sister each have a horse, lately neither of them has had much opportunity to ride. My sister’s horse, Jak, is happily one of those rare horses who doesn’t seem to backslide much even when left standing for long periods of time. He is sometimes a total goofball and maybe a… Read more »

My Sister and My Horse, Act II

My lovely little sister came out for a visit last week, almost exactly a year after her first time visiting us in Iowa. Last time she was here, Steen and I were still working out the particulars of our relationship. Since her initial visit, Steen and I have learned a lot about each other, though… Read more »

Settling In

Meryl stayed one week and in that time she helped me make a lot of progress with Steen. Yesterday I went out alone for the first time in many days and we had a very mellow, enjoyable ride. He is getting friendlier, and quirkier with the little things he does when I’m not riding him.… Read more »

Forward Motion

Well, it has been quite the week for Steen. For one thing, he officially turned eight yesterday. For another, it appears his bucking days are over. It has been very handy having Meryl here at this juncture. She’s had something I’ve lacked for the last six years – her own horse. And not just any… Read more »