Steen and Bear

Slowing Down

The season is just starting to turn definitively towards fall and today we woke up to a storm. The rain passed, however, so we decided to fill the late morning with a barn trip. Our goal for the day was for me to pay close attention to Bear and Brian and try to help facilitate… Read more »

Steen the Teacher

Yesterday was our first Duke Day with Bear. It was also scheduled to be a bit of a potluck. We hung out with the other barn people and ate home-made cornbread and chili and enjoyed the beautiful day. I also hauled along our SLR instead of our usual point-and-shoot. Trims were uneventful. Steen was his… Read more »

Bear Back

After work, Robin and I headed out for quiet, Friday afternoon at the barn. But there were more people there than we expected. Usually we have the place to ourselves on Friday afternoons/evenings. Thankfully we slotted ourselves in between people leaving and arriving, so we weren’t all trying to do the same thing at once.… Read more »