Wednesday’s Ride

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For one solid week Bear got a lot of rest with only a couple of super light rides.  I continued to give him lots of back massages and hind end stretches during this time.  I was hopeful he would be feeling at least somewhat better when we went out on Wednesday, but I was also prepared to take it easy for another week.

When we walked out in the pasture they were grazing in the south end, which is one of their favorite spots.  Steen looked up at us as soon as we opened the arena door.  I’ve never seen him notice us from so far away before.  He took a few more bites and then started trotting up to meet us.  The only problem is the fence to the middle pasture was in the way, so he got a little stuck.  Then Bear noticed us and ran up to meet Steen.  I was lucky enough to get the rest on video.

So I guess that answers the question of how good Bear was feeling. I only hoped that all his frolicking didn’t bother his back some more.  But overall he seemed good, and his whole demeanor was different.  He was more relaxed, more friendly, softer on the line, and just seemed happy. He also shed out almost all the last remnants of his winter coat during the last rain storm, so he was very sleek.

We rode out on the strip, and I could feel his body had much more energy than the past few rides.  He was still a bit stiff at times, but overall he was moving very nicely.  I only ended up riding 10 minutes.  I just wanted to see how he was going, and then I let Meryl spend some time with him.  I wanted her to see how much better he would be for her than he was last summer.  He gave her a pretty hard time during their first ride.

Wednesday, though, he was great.  Very quiet and attentive.  And when Meryl hopped on he gave me the cutest look.  I guess he was just wondering if all this was OK.  I assured him it was.

The girls had a fun time riding around the strip, working on the routine, and just hanging out.  It was fun for me to watch my horse move, particularly since he is feeling quite a bit better.

Leaning a bit more than is ideal in the turns, but he’s bending much better.

I’ve been feeling bad these past few weeks that he’s been so sore.  He is such a great horse when he’s feeling good.  Hopefully by just riding him 2 or 3 times a week he will be able to stay in nice shape but not get over-worked.  And the rest of the time I can spend working with our new guy.  Since he’s only three it will probably be best to not over-work him, either.  This should all make for a really great summer of riding.

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