second strip

Windy and Dry

It was not the most enticing weather today: bright but hazy, with crazy winds. But it was at least warm, and when we got to the barn we got to meet the new baby that arrived during the night. The mare, Jackie, has been unbelievably big for weeks. She seems a lot happier with her… Read more »

A Ride in Thirds

I forgot to mention last post that Steen kicked himself during our unplanned gallop and split open his heel. It was bleeding a lot when we got back to the barn, and I hosed it off and packed it with Neosporin. The bleeding stopped quickly after that and I wasn’t too worried about. Still, I… Read more »

Spring Fever?

Today we got back to town from a trip to Chicago. We were exhausted, as the trip involved the arrival of our new niece and a lot of quality time with our 2-year-old nephew. But we rallied and got to the barn, and decided to ride Steen and Bear to keep things easy. We started… Read more »

Like Magic

After way too long a break to suit my preference, I finally made it back to the barn today. I was in a bit of quandary deciding what horse to ride. Brian was going to ride Bear, so that left me with my pick of the other two. At first I was leaning towards Steen… Read more »

Strange Sunday

On Sunday the horses got their feet trimmed, which was good because Steen has a bit of a tendency to over-reach and kick himself on the inside of his right front foot when his feet get a bit long. He does this mostly at the lope, but we’ve been working on the lope a lot… Read more »