An End and a Beginning

2012 closed with us spending some nice time in Arizona.  People complained about it being a little cold there, but we were comfortable hanging out in t-shirts and working with Jak and Rojo. Jak was really the first horse I ever rode, and for a few years I would get out on him for a… Read more »

Tucson Rides

We had one last ride on Bear and Steen on December 17th, then weighed anchor and started our holiday travels. We spent the end of the year at my family’s home in Tucson, which meant we got the opportunity to ride my Mom’s horse and my sister’s horse a bit. In the past, Brian has… Read more »

Two Rides on Jak

It’s amazing how time goes sometimes. Shortly after I last posted I thought I was having some bad allergies. It turned out I was actually sick. Just about the time I was starting to feel functional again, I hopped on a plane to Tucson, where I had a very good visit in spite of the… Read more »

Arizona Horses

We went to AZ for Thanksgiving, and of course spent some time with the horses there. My sister has been riding more lately, and we were hoping to take Jak and Jo out on the trails. Unfortunately Jak seemed off to me the first day I tried to ride, so I rode for about five… Read more »

Back on Jak

Robin and I spent the last few days visiting her family in Arizona.  We had wonderful weather and lots of relaxing family time.  We also got to spend some time with the horses.  For three days I got to ride my sister-in-law’s horse Jak.  He is a spunky little Appaloosa with a lot of character. … Read more »

Horse Hopping

Although my mom and my sister each have a horse, lately neither of them has had much opportunity to ride. My sister’s horse, Jak, is happily one of those rare horses who doesn’t seem to backslide much even when left standing for long periods of time. He is sometimes a total goofball and maybe a… Read more »

Saddle Care

We’re back in town after a trip out to AZ to visit my family. We were mostly there to socialize with people, but we had a few horse-related goals as well. First, conditioning Brian’s new saddle in past weeks has caused me to suffer some pangs of guilt regarding the old saddle I used on… Read more »

Horse Portraits

I’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks, and though I didn’t ride I did get a new lens for my camera. So, I took some portraits of the horses I had available. First, my sister’s horse Jak. He’s a 17 year old Appaloosa (mutt). Second, my mom’s horse Joe.  Also 17, he’s… Read more »

Another Trip to AZ

I recently returned from a vacation in Arizona, where I spent some time teaching my brother’s brother-in-law, Simon, to ride my sister’s horse, Jak. It was a nice break from work, and the sun felt really good, but we got back later than expected and so on Tuesday afternoon I had only been back in… Read more »

R and R

Bear and I just had 8 days off of riding. I was in Arizona celebrating Jessie and Susie’s wedding, and Bear was just in the pasture. The day before we left we had the chiropractor look at him. Yes, it does sound a little crazy, but she was very good. She confirmed that Bear was… Read more »