time off

Back Home

We had a nice, short trip to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  We always have fun there, but it always feels really nice to get back home. And home includes riding Bear.  I love how familiar he is to me.  I was tired and just wanted to ride around.  I didn’t do any groundwork, I… Read more »

Surprise Riding Time

We were planning on a trip to Arizona this week, but the flights were not in our favor.  So we ended up staying with my parents for a few days and then heading back to Iowa City.  I could have gone back to work, but I already changed my calendar.  And besides, I’ve got tons… Read more »

The Heat of Summer

This has been the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced in Iowa, and it is only the beginning of July.  Since I work early in the morning and get off early in the afternoons , we haven’t been going out much.  It isn’t great for the horses to stand around in the heat all day and… Read more »

Out of Shape Already?

I guess it has been a light month of riding.  With a visitor, a vacation, a new horse, and a 60th birthday party, Bear ended up getting quite a few days off.  That, coupled with thick, lush grass, meant Bear added quite a few pounds of fat and lost more than a few pounds of… Read more »

A Little Break

Last week was a short one, but it was also unusually busy for both Robin and I.  And coming off the long weekend at the barn, we didn’t end up going out to the barn at all.  This weekend we were also out of town, so the guys got a lot of rest. It was… Read more »

Time for Some Rest

Tuesday saw some of the nicest weather we’ve had in weeks.  I definitely got a little spoiled with the early spring sunshine in March, but then we had quite a few days of colder, windier, and wetter weather.  It felt like we hadn’t even tacked the horses up outside in a while. But Tuesday the… Read more »

Back to Work

I was pretty happy with my start to the year, but then things kind of fell apart.  A little loss of motivation, some crappy weather, and of course, we found Elsa.  She ended up taking quite a bit of time.  Not time I’m sorry about, we had some wonderful long walks and runs.  I really… Read more »

Back to Stiff

Since we had all our riding gear with us, we decided to swing by the barn on our way into town.  It was a warm afternoon and no one was there.  The guys were both sleeping in the pasture, so I don’t think they were thrilled when we pulled them out to work. We rode… Read more »