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I kind of let the blog go by the wayside in July and most of August.  I did ride some, but not a whole lot.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I will sumarize.

Bear cut his leg, then we purchased some powder stuff that healed it up tremendously.  It now appears as if he only had a teeny scratch rather than a half inch gash with the beginnings of proud flesh.  The powder was awesome.

Then my sister in law came to visit.  I was busy at work and she had some good times on Bear.

He actually gave her a hard time in the beginning, but after that he was Dream Bear.

Then it got hot.  Really hot.  Bear and I both lost motivation.

Somewhere in there Bear and I did have some pretty awesome rides.  There was the one where we loped wonderfully in both directions, and one time when he had the wrong lead I gracefully steered him all the way back around in the other direction.  Even Robin said it looked impressive.

And then Bear had some butthead moments, too.  Those did not make me want to get back to blogging.  He was great on the ground, and he loved hanging out with me.  But under saddle he would get testy.  Nasty trots and lots of head tosses at the lope.  Even a buck.

This pic looks pretty good, but we were having some trouble.  And this was right before his little buck.

The buck was a little too far, and Bear knew it.  I hopped off and did some pretty intense groundwork.  Then I handed Bear over to his least favorite disciplinarian for a little more.  Robin made things really tough on him.

I made things tough on him, too, but this doesn’t really illustrate that.

After that, we had good rides.  I started demanding a lot of him right out of the pasture.  It was almost like he felt bad for how he acted those few days, because he was very quiet and deferential.  We had some great rides, including some of the best trotting I have ever gotten out of Bear.

A wonderfully relaxing trot, and downhill, too!

Then yesterday we went out for our first trail ride of the season.  Robin and I went with our friend Gay.  Her horse Doc is a super, super mellow AQHA bay.  Nothing spooks him, and our guys were happy to follow him around the fields.  We spent quite a bit of time on an area we call the “second strip.”  It is looking far nicer than it did last fall.  It has been completely mowed and includes wide, flat areas and a few hills, too.  We are hoping to spend a lot of time there this fall.

Cruising down the “second strip.”

After the ride we relaxed and tried out another pair of fly-boots for Bear.  The green ones have worked great.  We lost one once, but then we were able to find it.  Still, we thought we should have some spares.

Super cute Bear with his new, black fly-boots.

Woh! Hey, look at you reading this entire post!

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