the game


Yesterday the guys came to us in the pasture from pretty far away.  Steen even trotted the last bit.  Bear actually lost some momentum and had another bite of grass.  But overall it was a good effort.  This morning, however, he showed no inclination to come over to us.  They were eating in another far… Read more »

What Horse is This?

Today Bear came to me.  It is definitely a milestone, but there is still more to work on.  He was not very far away, and he wasn’t eating.  He was also potentially bothered by the flies.  Nevertheless, when I was walking up he saw me, and when I got to the gate he was already… Read more »


Today our barn was having a practice show for anyone who wanted to brush up on their showmanship before one of the bigger spring shows.  As showing holds absolutely no interest for Robin or myself, we decided to get out early and see if we could get started before other people arrived.  We timed it… Read more »

Back to the Salad Bowl

I figure I should provide an update on the game.  It has been two weeks since I started using the game to get Bear to come to me in the pasture.  Every time I’ve gone out I’ve used it, and I keep seeing improvement.  He is not coming to me right away, but he does… Read more »

Out and About

Things have been going very well in terms of getting Bear to come to me in the pasture.  We aren’t quite to the stage where he will see me and then just come up to me.  But the last few days have been great, usually taking less than a minute and only involving one or… Read more »