Dutch and Cathy

Lessons and Visitors

I have apparently not quite settled back into consistent blogging mode, so another catch-up post it is. The end of September was busy. I had some sort of strange illness that mostly amounted to me feeling kind of bad but not horrible unless I tried to do something physically taxing, at which point I would… Read more »

A Lesson on a Thoroughbred

This year we are spending the holidays in the Chicago area with Brian’s parents, and Brian’s mom scheduled a treat for us. She’s been taking lessons at a hunter/jumper barn since shortly after I got Steen. She’s visited us in Iowa and ridden our horses, but we only have access to our two guys, so… Read more »

Grand Behavior

On Saturday, Dutch and Cathy (Brian’s parents) came to town. The primary reason for their trip was to meet Sham and reacquaint themselves with Steen. Brian and I headed to the barn, confident that after our wonderful Thursday everything would go smoothly. Unfortunately, such was not the case. A few things worked against us. First,… Read more »

Holey… Horse?

I have been making it out to the barn more consistently again lately, though not as much as I was managing in the summer. For one thing, the cold hurts a little, and for another, vitzy’s has actually kind of been booming, which is great in many ways, but does cut into my horse time.… Read more »

Visits, Rides and Vets

Last week wrapped up with some exciting goings on for Steen. I rode again Thursday morning, outdoors with a saddle. It was a very crisp morning, and there was a good deal of activity around the barn. Steen, however, was perfectly well-behaved, jogging nice and slow on a loose rein the whole time. After our… Read more »


Moisture, I’ve concluded, is a mixed bag. Sure, water brings life – but is it always desirable life? In Arizona, our horses can’t get all their food from grass grown in their very own pastures, but they also aren’t constantly battling parasites. Here in the midwest, everything is wet and rich and the environment is… Read more »

Grand Visitors

Steen and I had to part ways for quite a while while I took a trip to Arizona via Chicago and Brian’s sister’s wedding on the way back. Luckily, Brian stepped up to the plate and went to visit our poor lonely horse twice while I was gone. Cathi also brought Steen in from the… Read more »