Stand and Lope

Those are Bear’s two favorite gaits.  It is funny as I tend to forget about the second one when we haven’t been practicing it.  Like in the late fall after I had taken a tumble and we weren’t riding is spaces that were great for practicing the lope. And though I have not been riding… Read more »

A Tired Bear

Today was warm and Robin was swamped with work, so I went out to the barn on my own.  Bear was doing his best to bury his head in the bale and get all the good stuff.  He must have been at it for a while, because he pooped four times today.  Lately he has… Read more »

Alone Again

It felt like a long week, and when Friday afternoon rolled around both Robin and I were quite tired.  As soon as I got home from work I dressed for the barn and started to go.  I knew if I sat I wouldn’t make it out.  Robin was tied up in computer stuff and not… Read more »

Sweaty Backs

That was the goal for this morning’s ride.  Well, more the goal for Robin and Steen, Bear and I were fine getting whatever sweat pattern we happened to get.  But Robin wanted to push Steen a bit and see how the new saddle really fit him. The trick was the morning was really cool, and… Read more »

Bear and the Bots

Wednesday I went out to ride with Robin and Steen. Things were nice, but Bear was a little bit off. He was not thrilled to be riding. He was just spacey. To get him out of it we did some easy stuff, then we did some thinking stuff, then we just did some plain old… Read more »