He Finally Arrives

I know we only had to wait a few days once we made an offer, but it really felt like much longer before Laredo finally arrived.  Waiting just never gets easier, so we went out to the barn early and just decided to ride. Last week, during one of my many sessions of poking around… Read more »

Time for Some Rest

Tuesday saw some of the nicest weather we’ve had in weeks.  I definitely got a little spoiled with the early spring sunshine in March, but then we had quite a few days of colder, windier, and wetter weather.  It felt like we hadn’t even tacked the horses up outside in a while. But Tuesday the… Read more »

Group Riding

We got out for another ride with Gay on Doc today.  Again the weather was perfect, and the horses were just about perfect, too.  In fact, steady Doc had more startles than Bear or Steen.  To be fair, he was leading at that time.  And really, they were quite minor. Bear seemed to be really… Read more »

No Riding

Robin and I got up nice and early (for a Saturday), enjoyed our coffee and breakfast, and then got to the barn before 9.  We hung out with our barn owner for a little while and watched Whisper and his mom NOT interact with all the new horses they were turned out with.  With as… Read more »

Swollen Ankles

While I was grooming Bear at the hitching post he was very fidgety.  It was a warm day and I have no doubt the bugs were the culprit.  But there could have been more.  While going over his legs I noticed that the area just above his hind ankles was rather swollen.  They did not… Read more »

A Boo Boo

Sometime over the weekend Bear got a good sized scratch (or a small cut, if you prefer) on the back of his left hind leg.  We checked it out on Sunday, and he was a very good patient. Today we drove out to make sure the bandage was still there and that nothing had gotten… Read more »