On the Strip

He’s still got the leopard print fly-mask. At least he really likes it when I put it on him. It is only September 3rd, but it is already feeling like fall is here. Today was windy, cloudy, and quite cool. This is fine by me, as fall is probably my favorite season. And it is… Read more »

Solo Ride

We had some brief storms this afternoon. Then it got rather nice out. There is a chance for some pretty heavy storms tomorrow, so after work today I decided to get out and see Bear. Bear is off to the left. ┬áThe herd was leisurely grazing in the pasture. Again, Bear had no problem letting… Read more »

I Ride Again!

Actually, I’ve been riding for a little bit now, I’ve just been too lazy to blog about it. For the past couple of weeks Robin has been swamped with her web work and her last month at the art gallery. So a couple days each week I’ve gotten Steen out for some relaxing walk/trot rides.… Read more »