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Today Brian and I were both still pretty worn out, so we decided to do something we hadn’t done in a while: leave Laredo in the pasture and just ride like we used to before the baby came.

Of course we gave him his hoof supplement when we went out to catch the other horses. He seemed pretty happy with getting treats but not work.

We got Steen and Bear tacked up and out to the strip. The big change of the day was both Brian and I had new bits. We bought ourselves two nice, simple Jeremiah Watt egg-butt snaffles. I’ve noticed Steen lately has a tendency to sort of pop his loose-ring snaffle in his mouth when I’m asking for collection, and sometimes get himself a mini-release when the rings shift. Plus with teaching Laredo now, consistency is going to be important. Brian and I were both riding in bits we purchased before the clinic that changed everything, and back then we weren’t working towards a particular goal. We’re thinking these will work better for us, and will hopefully be the last snaffles we’ll need for a while.

I also put my mane-hair mecate on my snaffle set-up, where it will stay until I’m ready to go back to the hackamore. I gave it another soak a week or two ago, and it is so supple now I can hardly believe it. I’ve liked it since I got it, but I’m a little bit in love with it now. Other ropes just feel dead and limp.

So there we were on the strip with all our pretty equipped and our pair of bays.

I was mostly trying to get the feel of the new bit. It did feel surprisingly more solid and more precise. I started out with a bunch of short-serpentines and slow maneuvers, and for the most part things went well.

Steen is finally starting to learn to get his weight off his inside front foot so he can reach with it. It helps I’m finally riding him correctly through the short-serpentine. I’m also working hard on not pulling, just guiding his head into the bend with the rein and using my outside leg to tell him shoulder to come through.

I also worked a lot on the trot, with a little bit of loping thrown in when things felt nice and balanced.

Laredo stood at the fence for quite a long time watching us work. Hopefully he picked up a few pointers.

Ride Time: 1:00
Horseback hours YTD: 60:15

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