A Little Break

Last week was a short one, but it was also unusually busy for both Robin and I.  And coming off the long weekend at the barn, we didn’t end up going out to the barn at all.  This weekend we were also out of town, so the guys got a lot of rest. It was… Read more »

New Design!

I’ve now been riding horses for a few years, and it was almost two years ago that I jumped into horse ownership.  So it was definitely time for a blog redesign and a slightly new title. I mentioned a few weeks ago our photo shoot with the Dreschers.  Once we received all the great shots… Read more »

A Sluggish Sunday

Sometimes I can get a little tired on weekend days.  I think I end up sitting around a little too much and drinking coffee longer than I should.  Usually getting out in the fresh air gets me going again, but it didn’t today, despite the gorgeous weather.  It was just like yesterday, only not quite… Read more »