time off

Happy to Be Home

Vacations are wonderful things, but I am always thrilled to come home again.  I suppose that is a good thing. It is also interesting to ride other horses and then get back to the one you are most familiar with.  I haven’t even had Bear a year yet, but he is by far the horse… Read more »

A New Year

After a long vacation in Arizona I am having fun readjusting to the cold Midwest, although I do lament the lack of snow. I’m not sure how Bear feels about it. Judging by how he’s been in the pasture lately, my guess is he could go either way. Today they were all out with the… Read more »

Getting Bigger

It has been a little over 3 weeks since I last went out to see Bear. My shoulder and rib have continued to get better (I’m wondering if I actually cracked a rib as I’m still feeling some tenderness 5 weeks out). In those 3 weeks we’ve had a few nice days, but quite a… Read more »

Big Horse

This afternoon was the first time I climbed on Bear in 11 days. The first thing I noticed is that he is considerably wider. Like Bear I’m prone to some tight hips, and today he was really stretching me out. But his growth is good growth. He is not getting fatter. In fact, his belly… Read more »

R and R

Bear and I just had 8 days off of riding. I was in Arizona celebrating Jessie and Susie’s wedding, and Bear was just in the pasture. The day before we left we had the chiropractor look at him. Yes, it does sound a little crazy, but she was very good. She confirmed that Bear was… Read more »

Vacation Homework

Sham has been a little tough lately. He is certain that he is the boss, and as a result, I can’t catch him. So in my frustration (which nicely coincided with some vacation time in sunny Arizona) I went back to some of the training books we have around the house to see what I… Read more »