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We had a nice, short trip to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  We always have fun there, but it always feels really nice to get back home.

And home includes riding Bear.  I love how familiar he is to me.  I was tired and just wanted to ride around.  I didn’t do any groundwork, I just led him into the treed lot and climbed on.  Of course, he was totally fine and happy to be out.

We rode through the trees on our way out to the big pasture.  Walking down the hill to the middle of it we noticed some changes.  There used to be a meandering creek/drainage in the middle of it, but that has all been filled in and smoothed over.  They are hoping to get better drainage in the field, and it looks like it will work out nicely.

We walked alongside the new drainage a few times and then went out an open gate that led to the strip.  Once there we just continued to walk and trot around a little bit.  Bear was very attentive, though he also got antsy and very lively in a few spots.  I have no idea why, but as I said, he was still very attentive.  Every time I began to take the slack out of the reins to offer a bigger correction, he was already moving with me before I could get to the hackamore.  He is looking healthy and his back was feeling great when I poked around before and after the ride, so I was fine just going with him.  He got over things pretty quickly.

The barn owner was also hanging out on the strip giving another rider a pseudo-lesson.  So we spent a while sitting on our horses and chatting with her.  Robin asked if she’d snap a few shots of us, since we have almost no pictures of us together with our horses.

Steen was his usual goofy self and kept annoying Bear by sticking his nose in Bear’s face.  They never moved their feet, though.  So really I think they were both just happy to hang out with us.  It was a bummer to not have Laredo there, too.  He was standing on the other side of the fence, and when I rode over to say hi, he nickered at me.  If I had been feeling better or the weather was nicer, I probably would have been up for riding two horses today.  Next time, I guess.  Still, it is nice to know that he was happy to see us after a week off.

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