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It has been a tough few weeks with the horses.  Steen’s leg is slow to heal, Laredo has been troubled by a sore shoulder, and we’ve had some less than ideal weather.

But today we finally had a day that felt like normal.  Laredo is getting better, so Robin was able to ride him.  We started out on the strip and got nice and warmed up before taking a leisurely stroll through the soybean fields and around the second strip.  Everyone was good, and we had the sun warming us up and drying everything out.

After the ride we let the guys graze for a while.  Robin went to grab Steen so that all of us could hang out and enjoy the weather.

I have been lucky that Bear has been doing well these past few weeks, so I’ve gotten a lot of short rides in this month.  Here are a few shots of the things I should have been blogging about.

Hanging out with Laredo when we noticed his sore shoulder.


Robin has gotten quite a few good rides on Bear this month.


Robin gave me a super great lesson one day.  It’s been well over a year since she last gave me a true lesson.


One day the herd was out in the hills and Bear was the only one around to enjoy the brand new bales.


October brought some crisp weather, but many of the days were really pretty.


Moving Bear out.  He trimmed down a lot with all our rides and the cool nights.


We also just hung out a lot, too.


Robin borrowed Rowdy from Marissa for a few nice rides..


Riding in the soybean fields is one of my favorite things about fall.

Later this afternoon we met our friend Jean and her family at her barn to take some photos of them.  They recently added Zagalo to their family, he’s an 8 year old Lusitano.

We had met him once before, but it was cool to spend some more time with him.  We spent quite a few minutes with him at liberty in their awesome indoor arena.  He was very responsive and happy to move away or hang out with me.
So far it has been a great weekend.  Should be great weather tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to more rides out in the fields with Bear and Laredo.  Hopefully Steen will be back on the rides in just a few weeks.
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