one rein stop

And More Running

Today it was my turn to ride Laredo, and after Robin’s highly successful loping, I figured we would do the same. The ride started out pretty good, with the only problem coming from me and my boots.  My good riding boots are at the cobbler’s getting new heels (I knocked the rubber off one doing… Read more »

The Heat of Summer

This has been the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced in Iowa, and it is only the beginning of July.  Since I work early in the morning and get off early in the afternoons , we haven’t been going out much.  It isn’t great for the horses to stand around in the heat all day and… Read more »

Frustrations in the Saddle

Bear and I are still working through our little trot issue.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday we spent considerable time working in the gait, and while we made some progress each day, it wasn’t much. But I should be happy with where things are at.  I was telling Robin how I don’t remember such issues last… Read more »

The Plan

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had a plan to work on our trotting for the next ride: warm up, move right into the lope for a while, cool down for a couple minutes, and then work on the trot.  And I was quite surprised when the plan worked far better than I… Read more »

Indian Summer

Yesterday was the first of October, and while the temperatures only got up into the mid 60s, the horses were hot.  Their dark, fuzzy, winter coats have been coming in for weeks now.  Little do they know most of next week will be in the 70s, and possibly even the 80s. On Saturday I had… Read more »