Steen the Energized

My last few rides on Steen, he has an unbelievable amount of energy. The weather has been blech, and as a result the pasture is a combo swamp/ice rink. Whenever it gets really bad out there, we tend to turn the horses out in the indoor arena for a few minutes after we bring them… Read more »

Chilly Sunday

Today we got buckets of rain. While it was raining, it stayed relatively warm but after the storm passed temps began to plummet. We headed out to the barn in the early evening because we knew at the very least Steen would uncomfortable. He was. He met us at the gate, nickering and shivering. We… Read more »


Life has been busy lately, and as a result I have not seen much of my horse. I haven’t ridden since my last post. We were out of town Friday afternoon and Saturday. On Sunday we drove straight from Chicago to the barn to hold our horses for the farrier. We could have ridden after… Read more »

Oh, Deer

On Friday, Steen and I hit the trails again, and things didn’t go so well. We started out with a mistake on my part. I assumed he’d be ok walking past a car he spooked at a few days ago. But he wasn’t. Within two minutes of the start of the ride, he’d treated me… Read more »