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So having four horses has been interesting.  We’re learning tons and getting a lot of ride time in.  The only thing that is suffering is my blogging.  When you are almost always having two rides each day, it makes it hard to come home and formulate your thoughts.  So here are some highlights.


Bear had an owie under his chin earlier this spring, so we spent six weeks riding in the snaffle bit.  It was a fun refresher, though I’m really happy to be back in the hackamore now.  I think he is, too.


We spend a lot of time working on getting Zoey comfortable with things.  This includes face pets.  Initially, she was not into these at all.  I had to hold the rope halter to keep her from getting away from my rubs.  Now she can’t get enough.



Bear and Steen can’t get enough of us, either.  They’ve been very excited to see us almost everyday.  Bear has even started nickering to me in the pasture.  And if he can see me riding another horse in the outdoor arena he’ll throw in a nicker, too.  It’s quite endearing.


We’ve been out exploring in the fields more than ever.  There are some new strips of grass we can get to.  One includes a loop through a hilly soybean field.  We’ve taken to doing laps there, loping up the steep hill, trotting across, walking to the bottom, and then trotting back to the big hill.  Needless to say, the guys are getting pretty relaxed about moving out in open spaces.

Sometimes Robin and I play fun mirroring games.

And other times we just sit on our horses and chat.

My mom came to visit and had some great rides on Steen.

And we even got her up on the kid.  Before she came to visit her riding instructor asked who she would ride, mom said, “I don’t know.  I’ve ridden Bear and Steen a bunch, so probably one of them.  I know I won’t be riding Laredo.”  He he.

Bear seems to be completely over his anemia.  He’s loose and energetic and really fit right now.  We’re having some of our best rides ever.

Zoey has a tendency to get stuck in situations, so we really do a lot of bending.  She’s getting better.

Robin’s mom came out to visit, too.  We did a nice trail ride and Bear was great for her.  Unfortunately we only got this one picture, but she was nice enough to take a whole bunch of pictures while Robin and I rode around playing cow.


I think the biggest thing we’ve learned from Zoey so far has to do with groundwork.  We’ve always done it, and we know how important it is.  But Zoey has shown us that we have not pushed enough when we need to push.  So we spend a lot of time with her and the guys getting them troubled and bringing them back down.

This isn’t the best illustration of that, but we’ve been spending a lot of time with the flag, the tarp (finally got that out there) and the rope.

Hopefully I can get into a little better blogging rhythm now.

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