Pearly Whites

Steen usually gets his teeth floated in the fall, and yesterday I got an email from our barn’s owner, saying our vet was coming out to do teeth today, and would we like to be included? When Bear got his vet check a couple months ago, the vet’s one comment was that he would need… Read more »

Home Stretch

Today I took Brian’s new saddle to the barn. It’s just like mine, only black, and we think Sham will look pretty sharp showing it off. I adore mine. Hopefully Brian will like his, too The saddle was not the only reason I headed out there today. When I arrived I got a stall set… Read more »

Visits, Rides and Vets

Last week wrapped up with some exciting goings on for Steen. I rode again Thursday morning, outdoors with a saddle. It was a very crisp morning, and there was a good deal of activity around the barn. Steen, however, was perfectly well-behaved, jogging nice and slow on a loose rein the whole time. After our… Read more »