July is Kind (So Far)

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Usually July in Iowa is not all that great. It tends to be hot, humid, and buggy. Not my favorite combo. This July has been much better than usual. We’ve had a lot of mild days.

We’ve  been getting out on the horses a lot. And as far as the blogging in concerned, that’s part of the problem. We’re riding so much it’s hard to keep up with it, hard to find the time to write about every ride.

So that means I haven’t been blogging at all, which is not at all ideal. I think this is my biggest dry spell since I started this blog in 2008.


But things are going really well. I’m just going to mention some highlights.

Zoey is finally coming to us in the pasture (as opposed to moving away from us, or just tolerating us approaching her). We’ve also been taking the groundwork to a new level with her, and it’s helping her both to be quieter about strange things in general, but also to gain confidence and learn she can encounter something unusual and scary but not have to be truly freaked out or rattled by it. She continues to demonstrate so much try. I’ve never met a horse another horse who wants to get along with you so much.


Laredo has been a bit spacey as far as try and attentiveness is concerned. So we’ve actually been hitting him with the groundwork pretty hard as well. We have the opposite goal with him. We want to wake him up and teach him being responsive and paying attention and moving his feet is the best way to keep himself out of trouble. He seems to be taking it all just fine, and yesterday Brian had a truly, unbelievably, awesome ride on him. I’ve had a small number of those with Laredo, but Brian never had, so that was good.

We’ve been getting Bear and Steen out on the trails quite a lot, with excellent results. A couple weeks ago we did a swap and headed out on each others’ horses. That was super fun. I’d never ridden Bear on the trail before, and he was great.

Today we headed out and did close to five miles of trail, trotting the vast majority of the time with a fair bit of loping thrown in. Steen and Bear both moved out nicely, seeming to enjoy themselves. We’ve been working on being controlled and relaxed at the lope, and it’s really paying off.

Also, my mom came for a visit. We dragged her out on the trail the first day. that was the first time we ever took our three geldings out together. A couple days later, she rode Steen around the tree lot for a while. She was sore from our ride and Steen was latched on to me, so I just walked around for a while and he followed me. We walked and trotted that way, and it was kind of a crack up.

So, in a nutshell: we’re riding a lot and things are good. And I’m hoping I can get back into a better blogging habit.

Also, Brian put up a catch up post with tons of photos. You can see that here.

Horseback Hours YTD: 102: 05

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