Happy to be Back

This Thanksgiving I experienced one of the greatest holidays injustices imaginable. I came down with the stomach flu 20 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner. I managed roughly four bites of turkey, a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and peas, and two forkfuls of apple pie. Then I had to lie down and suffer for several hours. I went to… Read more »


We’ve got a storm system rolling in that is supposed to drop a lot of freezing rain and snow over the next couple of days. The wet psuedo-freezing temps have historically been harder on Steen than any other kind of weather, so yesterday I spent the morning repairing a hole in the lining of his… Read more »

Still Frozen

Well, I’ve been a lazy blogger. Let’s see. Quick recap. It’s been cold. I haven’t been riding much. But, I have had a couple rides as well as a couple non-riding barn visits. I had another nice indoor bareback experience last week, and a couple of days ago I had a not-so-nice indoor, not bareback… Read more »


It’s been really cold here. Like, highs below zero kind of cold. Last winter I discovered even riding indoors was really not pleasant below five degrees, so I’ve been lying a bit low since our return from our Christmas journey. Today was no exception to the cold rule, but Brian and I took a trip… Read more »

Snowed Out

Steen spent most of the last week snow-locked in his pasture. The main problem was the door into the indoor arena from the pastures was covered in a huge drift. So, being unable to get him inside anyway, I didn’t see him after my Tuesday visit until yesterday. Sunday morning found Brian and I driving… Read more »

Changing Our Ways

It’s been another few interesting days out at the barn. For one thing, winter is finally setting in. We have had genuinely cold temps and rain, which means the winter pasture is one solid expanse of slushy muck, and Steen is looking more than a little bedraggled. More worrisomely, Steen has also continued to seem… Read more »