A Few Cold Rides

Cold came early this year, and I am still far enough away from hitting my goal of 200 hours in the saddle that I can’t let weather derail me. Nevertheless, the weekends of spending hours at the barn and riding multiple horses is behind us for the season. I can deal with one bitterly cold… Read more »

The Perfect Patient

The storm that was blowing in on Tuesday night stuck around and dropped nearly two feet of snow on us. Cathi advised us that there was no getting to the barn, certainly not for someone without 4-wheel drive. And that worked out because there was also no getting a car out of our garage. Brian… Read more »

From One Extreme to the Other

Saturday I went to the barn for a ride with Gay and Cathi. We decided to venture out into the fields around the barn in spite of the snow cover, so it marked my first horseback adventure through the fluffy white stuff. And, I am happy to report, it wasn’t much of an adventure. Steen… Read more »

Snowed Out

Steen spent most of the last week snow-locked in his pasture. The main problem was the door into the indoor arena from the pastures was covered in a huge drift. So, being unable to get him inside anyway, I didn’t see him after my Tuesday visit until yesterday. Sunday morning found Brian and I driving… Read more »


We have a big storm rolling through this week, so I figured I’d better get out there and see Steen today just in case the roads are inaccessible for the next few days. I found him in a snowy pasture. The herds were a bit riled. I’m not sure if it was the weather or… Read more »