Perfect Can Get Boring

Another great indoor bareback ride on Steen.  I think we’ve definitely mastered walk and trot in the indoor arena.  It would be nice if we could include loping, but with him out of shape and the footing the way it is (with little puddles and ice here and there) it’s just not worth the risk.… Read more »

Still Frozen

Well, I’ve been a lazy blogger. Let’s see. Quick recap. It’s been cold. I haven’t been riding much. But, I have had a couple rides as well as a couple non-riding barn visits. I had another nice indoor bareback experience last week, and a couple of days ago I had a not-so-nice indoor, not bareback… Read more »

Starting Them Young

Today Steen and I had a glorious ride that involved no spooks, and a sustained, balanced, steady and not at all crazy lope out on the trails! Then we came home and I untacked just in time to receive some very special visitors. My friend, Adele, and her son Ben came out to meet Steen.… Read more »

Time Off

I was out of town for a few days, so after a brief bareback ride on muddy, wet Thursday during which Steen was so relaxed it was almost comical, he got a number of days off. Tuesday found me back at the barn with my visiting brother in tow. We went down to the pasture… Read more »

Patience is a Virtue

A bit of a rough day with Steen yesterday. I went out to the barn all excited because I had my saddle and I was going to ride. I got Steen out of the pasture with only the usual difficulties – ie, not letting other people’s horses out while fetching mine. They were back in… Read more »