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This Thanksgiving I experienced one of the greatest holidays injustices imaginable. I came down with the stomach flu 20 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner. I managed roughly four bites of turkey, a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and peas, and two forkfuls of apple pie. Then I had to lie down and suffer for several hours. I went to bed thinking I’d feel better in the morning. I didn’t, and we delayed our trip home. When we finally made it back to Iowa City, I was improved but not mended.

Today I finally felt up to going to the barn, and the weather was accommodating. With the sun shining and temps in the 40’s, Brian and I headed out in the afternoon. We found Steen had created two new holes in his blanket while we were away, one large one in the butt and a smaller one in the lining. *sigh. Bear looked plump but otherwise fine.

Both our guys seemed happy to see us. We got tacked up and out to the strip without trouble. Steen felt a bit more mobile beneath me than he has lately, but oddly I just got this huge feeling of relief when I swung back into my saddle. I’ve noticed the last few days in particular that my mood has been very flat — not up, not down, just sort of stuck at neutral. Climbing back on Steen I felt something unkink. Perhaps I’m getting too metaphysical for this blog, but to be back on my own horse just felt good in a way I can’t quite explain.

I rode in the snaffle today, and it went great. After our last ride I wondered if I’d see some rough patches, but everything went perfectly. Other than picking up the jog twice (but coming to a very quick and soft stop when I picked up one rein), Steen was a model citizen. We worked on collecting at the walk and trot, yielding hind-quarters and forequarters, whirlygigs, and lots of backing. Steen was fantastic about backing today.

After the ride, I put a new blanket on Steen. We bought an extra Rambo Wug last year to have on hand for Bear in case of ice storms or other extreme conditions. It’s never been used, so Steen can wear that for now. Hopefully I can get his old one repaired and we can use that as a back-up.

Ride Time: 0:50
Horseback hours YTD: 96:15

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