the routine

Steen vs the Gate

I have been a bit lame about blogging because our barn trips have really fallen off. I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of work before we escape to Arizona for a couple of weeks, and it’s been cold. Not super duper horrible cold, but just cold enough that it’s easy to talk yourself out… Read more »

Back to Normal

Yesterday was Brian’s birthday. We both took the day off work and made time for a nice long barn trip in the afternoon. I was pleased to find Steen didn’t run to me the moment I appeared at the barn. While I do like that our horses come to us, with Steen you can gauge… Read more »

What Didn’t Happen

Brian and I seem to have developed a not particularly wonderful habit of having riding accidents in the fall. It started the year we got Bear – 2010. I had a horrible crash on Halloween. Then Brian came off hard our very next ride. I suffered a concussion and Brian’s shoulder bothered him for months.… Read more »

A Break in the Heat?

As we are on “vacation,” we have been lazy about getting up and out to the barn.  Thankfully our time off has coincided with a nice break in weather.  Today was absolutely perfect; blue skies with puffy white clouds, temps in the 70s, and a light north wind.  And we took no pictures. We rode… Read more »

Ride Medley

We’ve had a busy start to August and I’ve gotten behind on the blogging. So I’m going to do a quick catch-up post. August 2 – Thursday I rode Laredo. We didn’t have a great ride. It was one of those days where nothing was bad, exactly, but nothing was great either. We did all… Read more »

Borrowing Lightfoot

When my sister and I lived in the same state, we rode together a lot. And even since I moved to Iowa and got Steen, she’s played a roll in my relationship with him. She visited shortly after I got Steen in 2008 and witnessed the one and only time Steen has ever thrown me. She then… Read more »