the routine

A Weekend Indoors

We’ve had a lot of storms these past few days, though I suppose we are lucky that we only had to deal with strong winds and some mild thunderstorms.  It was never storming actively when we got out to the barn the past three days, but things were usually cold and damp so we elected… Read more »

Lotsa Lope

We had another beautiful day today. It feels so good to go out and spend some time in the sun. The boys were ultra relaxed during grooming, and the footing on the strip was much better. I started out with loping figure-eights pretty early and my first session of this was fantastic. Almost every loop… Read more »

Shaping Up

As much as there is a part of me that likes to think I should be capable of riding all year without any lulls, I do sometimes think when the forced breaks come along, they yield benefits. Brian and I rode on Wednesday, and because it was super windy out we rode indoors. Steen started… Read more »

Spring Winds

Warm spring days mean strong winds out of the south.  Cold spring days mean strong winds out of the north.  So we basically have wind every day in spring.  It was dry again (except for a few sprinkles right at the end), but not quite as nice as Tuesday, so we opted to ride inside.… Read more »

Last Ride of the Year

It was 50 degrees. We planned on riding outside but the winds were kind of outrageous, so we just rode inside. It was a pretty good ride. I was hoping for just a nice, relaxing time with my horse.  This week I was tired and we didn’t get out to the barn much.  I usually… Read more »