Slimming Down

The title is not actually referencing me, or any of our horses. (Most of them are putting their winter ‘padding’ on, so are doing rather the opposite.) No, I’m actually talking about a bosal. Brian and I got our first hackamore two years ago. Brian gave it to me for my birthday, and neither of… Read more »

Laredo Weekend

With Zoey out of commission, we were down to three horses for the weekend. We decided to focus on getting Laredo out and covering some ground. His tight hocks seem better, and he’s actually getting a tad chunky. Yesterday Brian rode Laredo and I rode Steen and we were out for over two hours. It… Read more »

Summer Riding

Robin posted a while ago about how amazing our July weather was.  It didn’t last.  The second half of the month was very hot, and we didn’t get quite as much riding in.  But now August is back to great temps.  We spent some really long days at the barn this weekend. Saturday’s ride ended… Read more »

And the Heat Hits

It’s been a hot week, with heat index readings into the range where they recommend you be careful with your horses. The nights haven’t been cooling off, which means they don’t have a chance to recover from the brutal days. We’ve been taking it easy. Saturday It was Duke Day, and all our horses were… Read more »