The Goals Post

It is officially 2014, which means my saddle hours count has reset. I’ve been trying to decide what my ride time goal for the year should be. It’s a bit tricky, because while I’d like the ride more, there is the reality that I am not a professional horseback rider. I am a web developer… Read more »

New Year!

Got my first ride of the year in today.  It was super cold and snowy, but we had a pretty good time.  I rode Zoey, and she was happy to come in and was very relaxed.  But under saddle, she was a little more tense.  She had two spooks.  I have no idea what caused… Read more »

A Bad Bale

It has been an odd week with the horses. On Sunday last weekend, Steen seemed much improved. We had a nice ride. I gave him more probiotics. I thought we were in the clear. Year-end work has been nutty for me, plus I am still pretty sore. So again, several days passed before we made… Read more »

Steen and the Bad Tummy

We didn’t get to the barn all week again. Much of the week was quite cold, and I was on a super productive roll with work for some reason. I launched multiple websites, got a logo design approved, and was pretty much just a rockstar on the professional front for like five days in a… Read more »

A Few Cold Rides

Cold came early this year, and I am still far enough away from hitting my goal of 200 hours in the saddle that I can’t let weather derail me. Nevertheless, the weekends of spending hours at the barn and riding multiple horses is behind us for the season. I can deal with one bitterly cold… Read more »

The One Where I Fall Without Falling

I’m by no means to the point that I’m anywhere near running out of new experiences to have with horses. Nevertheless, it’s not that often now that I encounter a scenario entirely beyond my experience. But today I had one, and I hope it’s the only one of its kind I’ll have for a good… Read more »

Thanksgiving Ride

For the first time ever, Brian and I stayed in Iowa City for Thanksgiving. The reasons we stayed home were numerous and not worth going into, but the upshot was we had nothing to do other than whatever we wanted. No family of the non-equine variety to hang out with, no obligatory traditions. So, of… Read more »


Winter has arrived in earnest, and a good deal earlier than usual, too. The good news is I don’t find cold nearly as off-putting as I used to. My windproof insulated breeches plus my leather chinks provide a pretty impenetrable suit of armor for my lower body, and I have insulated boots and insulated gloves… Read more »

First Ride in the Two-Rein

Today (after an excellent ride on Laredo) I rode Steen in the two-rein for the first time. It was definitely interesting. Steen took the spade willingly enough, but once he had it in his mouth he spit it out. I gave him a moment and put it in again, holding it in place gently with… Read more »