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After our weeks in sunny Arizona, getting back to Iowa (where there is snow on the ground and temps have been in the teens) has been a bit of an… adjustment. Between the backlog of work-related tasks and some work we’re having done on the house, we had an unusually busy week and didn’t manage to make it to the barn until today.

But this morning we headed out first thing and found the guys in the pasture. Steen made a b-line for the gate as soon as he saw me, but I was pleased to see his leg is clean, not swollen and he appears to be in good health all around. I think he was just happy to see me.

We took all three guys inside and turned them out in the indoor arena for a while, where Laredo entertained us by putting a surprising amount of energy and effort into playing with the ball. I had my new smartphone in my pocket, which means we get to start 2013 with some Not Highly Exciting Video:

After Laredo had his fun, we put him back outside and tacked up Steen and Bear. Swinging into my saddle felt great, and we went on to have a very nice ride. I was pleased that Steen felt strong and energetic. The first time I asked him to trot he felt like he could really go for a lope, so I tipped him into one and he felt really happy to just zoom around for quite a few laps. We worked on the routine with Bear and Brian, did some more figure eights, trotting, loping, leg-yields, etc.., but mostly just enjoyed being back with our horses.

Ride Time: 0:45
Horseback hours YTD: 0:45

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Louisa Valentina;
7 years ago

Laredo is the cutest in that video! I've always wondered about the safety of those balls… I like how he just kind of slip and slides with, and around it. I attempted to teach Jingle soccer in the summer, and he was slightly in to it, but I think the ball coming towards him intimidated him too much. I should get one of these and see how it goes.

7 years ago

The video is soooo funny!!! So cute! He even tried to lay down with it! Hahahah