Loping in the Hackamore

It was an interesting day at the barn. It was mucky out in the pasture, and Bear wasn’t about to spare Brian a trek through the mud. Steen wasn’t in the super sticky area, though, and came to me pretty easily, so we beat Brian and Bear inside by a good deal. I was mounted… Read more »

Shaping the Bosal

I feel like the last few months I’ve been on some sort of bizarre accelerated learning curve. I have so many new tools to manage and understand, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Learning to use all this new equipment also means learning to prepare it for us. A bosal doesn’t come in the… Read more »

Vacation Rides

We’ve had some hot, hot days here this past week.  It has made getting to the barn after work a little difficult.  And the guys would have hated us if we made them work hard in that weather.  So Thursday morning I took an impromptu mini-vacation from work, and Robin and I went to the… Read more »

Slick Grass

I had a bit of trouble motivating to go to the barn this afternoon, but Brian wanted to go with or without me, and when it came down to it I couldn’t resist heading out with him. I was glad I went. The weather was perfect and Steen was happy to see me. He almost… Read more »