Spurs on Steen

We had more storms today, so were stuck inside again. We brought Bear and Steen in, thinking we’d have a nice, relaxing ride. But these storms have been cool, and the horses get pretty tense in this kind of weather. Both of them were a tad ansty while we were getting them ready. I have… Read more »

Fun With Spurs

I’ve been riding consistently for over 20 years now, and while I do have quite a few experiences under my belt, the thing I love about working with horses is how the learning never stops. You never know when you’re going to have a new “first.” For instance, today I rode in spurs for the… Read more »

Back in the Spurs

For some reason, I stopped riding in my spurs this summer.  I guess things were just going really well for Bear and I, and I wanted to see how just my legs would work.  It turns out they worked quite well. But then I noticed some problems.  Lately Bear has not been excited to walk,… Read more »

Spring Winds

Warm spring days mean strong winds out of the south.  Cold spring days mean strong winds out of the north.  So we basically have wind every day in spring.  It was dry again (except for a few sprinkles right at the end), but not quite as nice as Tuesday, so we opted to ride inside.… Read more »


Today is the second to last day of January and it was 60 degrees.  That is nearly twice what the average temps are.  Very odd.  But not unwelcome.  If we had a ton of snow, I would have been disappointed.  But we had just enough snow that the warm temps melted it all and turned… Read more »