Relaxing Barn Sunday

Today we went to an open house. The property was west of town and included a small barn and several pastures on 5 acres. The house was nice, but really just a whole lot larger than we need. Although the barn itself was very cool, and pretty perfect scale-wise, the land was very sloped and… Read more »

Lesson Three

Friday found us pulling into the barn and grumbling a bit that there was another car in the parking lot. (I concede we are incredibly spoiled in that we often have the place to ourselves, but we still grumbled.) Then we went indoors and discovered it was worse than we thought. One of the other… Read more »

A New Year at the Barn

It’s been my worst winter yet in Iowa as far as riding is concerned, but today Brian got off work early and we decided to go try to get a quality visit in with Bear and Steen. ¬†They are both looking good, though the winter is here in earnest and we’ve experienced some harsh temps.… Read more »

Trims and Fidgets

Today we had our annual Christmas/Farrier potluck at the barn.  Brian and I baked scones and arrived a bit on the late side. Steen was really excited to see me, pacing along the fence-line as we approached. Bear was less proactive about being caught, but came with amiably enough once once Brian had the halter on. We… Read more »

Cold and Wet

Today it rained for most of the morning and then the rain shifted to snow. Temps started to fall just after noon and tonight the lows are supposed to be in the teens. Although Bear has actually manged to put on weight as the weather has gotten colder (he’s apparently the definition of an easy-keeper),… Read more »

Pearly Whites

Steen usually gets his teeth floated in the fall, and yesterday I got an email from our barn’s owner, saying our vet was coming out to do teeth today, and would we like to be included? When Bear got his vet check a couple months ago, the vet’s one comment was that he would need… Read more »

Halloween Spook

This morning we headed to the barn in high hopes for a good ride. The sun was out. The day was fairly still.  It seemed luck was on our side. That is, until we got to the barn. When we pulled up we saw the herd of cattle on the strip, but decided this wasn’t… Read more »

Perfect Fall Day

Today was a beautiful fall day – temps in the high 60’s but sunny and relatively still. We thought it would be a great day to head out to the barn, and we were right. I decided to go bareback today. I’m not actually sure why I’ve been using a saddle so much lately. When… Read more »